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Career : Life at Sea

The Merchant Navy is a non combatant Commercial fleet, which deals with transporting cargo and occasionally passengers by sea. Its fleet is therefore composed of passenger vessel, cargo liners, tankers, carriers, as well as other special types of vehicles. A career in this field is full of adventure and long voyages to exotic place. Above all this the excellent pay and promising promotional opportunity make the career lucrative and exciting in spite of all the hard work and long absence from family and home. In merchant Navy major task performed are in three basic areas of a ship. The Deck the engine and the saloon department there are thus many career options that are available for any youngster who has dreams to join the Merchant Navy.

Job Prospects

Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo, across the Globe. Without the Merchant Navy much of the import export business would grind to a halt. Therefore trained personal is required for various department of the ship and this widens the scope for employment in this field they are offered jobs in the following major areas:-

  • By various shipping companies in the Government and private sector.
  • Foreign shipping companies also offer good job prospects.


The starting salary varies betweenRs.25000to Rs45000 a month. A person gets a verity of benefits such as free food paid leave, two way free passage and facilities for families. In other words the salary be saved totally while one is on ship. Perquisites include bonus, holidays, travel and other annual benefits. Foreign Companies pay higher and a starting salaryof$1500 to $2500a month can be expected.